Severe Acne Treatments

Do you suffer from severe acne, or believe that you might suffer from it? If so then you should read this article, because it will help you to determine whether or not you really suffer from severe acne, and it will introduce you to some of the most effective ways of fighting severe acne.

So before we really go in depth about what can be done to fight severe acne, we should understand what really qualifies as severe acne, and what is a milder case of it.

When you have severe acne, you suffer from extensive skin damage, social anxiety, constant embarrassment when you are around people, skin scarring, and deep acne cysts.

If this describes you, then you should get familiar with some of the more common kinds of treatments for severe acne

Acne Surgery

Acne surgery is basically drainage of the pimples. It’s very important that you do not try to do this yourself, don’t just squeeze pimples by yourself, but let a trained dermatologists do this. If you attempt to do this yourself, it’s very likely that you’ll cause the spread of the infection, thus worsening your acne condition, and you will suffer from extensive acne scar damage.

Prescription Drugs

There are prescription drugs that can help to get rid of severe acne, but they often come with very serious side effects. Right now the most effective prescription drug for severe acne is known to cause birth defects, and mothers who are still breast-feeding their babies are not allowed to take his medication, because it can cause damage to their babies. It can also cause rectal bleeding, severe headaches and abdominal pain, dry skin, depression, joint pain and more.

So it is important that you realize that some drugs might be effective in fighting acne, but they might actually bring more problems into your life than acne ever could.

I know that when you’re suffering from severe acne you’re probably ready to do just about anything just to get rid of it. But keep in mind that even when you have a clear skin, you can’t enjoy life when you’re depressed, have a disabled child, are dizzy and had severe headaches. So keep things in perspective. There are natural severe acne treatments too, and they might be a lot safer to try, in my experience, they are just as effective as many of the traditional approaches that dermatologists use. And there are also a lot more affordable.

The most effective method I have ever found involves a couple of simple lifestyle changes that will naturally balance out the hormonal imbalances which lead to excessive oil production and clogged up pores. You might be eating a couple of “healthy” foods right now that are actually feeding your acne and making it worse, not knowing so.

Even though many doctors still claim that acne has nothing to do with diet, recent scientific findings showed that diet DOES have a major impact on acne.

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