Pantothenic Acid & Acne

If you can read this article about pantothenic acid against acne, then you can get started on your way to a clear and bright skin today. Vitamin B five has proven to be very effective when it comes to treating acne, and I personally prefer it 100 times over the antibiotic prescriptions that many dermatologists and doctors like to give you, when you ask for their help.

While it’s true that many of the prescription drugs that doctors like to hand out can help you to get rid of acne are effective, it is also true that these prescription drugs can often have some very serious side effects. For example, one of the most successful drugs against severe cases of acne right now is known to possibly cause birth defects, severe headaches and severe abdominal pain, joint pain, rectal bleeding, dizziness and blurred vision, and a whole range of other very serious and potentially dangerous side effects.

When you use pantothenic acid against acne then you’re not taking all those risks. In fact, if anything, the side effects of vitamin B five supplements are positive.

Because pantothenic acid can increase your energy levels as well. Many people who use vitamin B5 supplements find that they have more energy than they usually had. And this is a very high quality kind of energy, not the nervous kind of energy that people get when they drink strong coffee, or energy drinks.

Vitamin B five is contained in almost any food that you eat. That is why these supplements are really not often about balancing out a deficiency, but about high dosages of something that works beneficial.

It was in 1997 that a Chinese doctor found out that vitamin D can help to resolve acne and decrease the size of the skin pores.

Often your skin improves as fast as one week, to one month from starting to take the vitamin B five supplements.

Vitamin B five supplements aren’t necessarily the most affordable ones, but so far there was not a single study that showed that vitamin B five can not work. For some reason though, dermatologists still don’t prescribe vitamin B five for people with acne. Instead, they prefer antibiotic treatments. But if you think about it, antibiotics can never get to the core of the problem, because they just fight the infection, they just kill the bacteria. But once you stop taking the antibiotics, bacteria might return after some time. And this is in fact what often happens.

With vitamin B five on the other hand, you can get the source of your acne, and eradicate acne at its root so to speak.

There also many lotions that are supposed to clean the skin, but almost everybody who suffered from acne that I know has been obsessively washing their face several times a day with soaps in order to get rid of acne, because other people told them that this would help. However, all of them continued to suffer from acne – so if the problem really was a dirty face or that there was too much oil, then why didn’t all that washing help them to reduce or get rid of the acne?

Isn’t it a lot more likely, that the cause of your acne lies inside your body, and that the acne is just a manifestation of underlying problem?

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