Milk And Acne

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What I’m about to tell you might be hard to believe for you, but just for the purpose of reading this article I want you to keep an open mind. Because after all, right now you’re suffering from acne, and the things that you have tried obviously have not worked.

And it’s really not your fault. Because you are the victim of false information. And there is a lot of false information out there. But I’m about to share with you is something that very few people know about, and even doctors and dermatologists often don’t know about this.

You see, what doctors and dermatologists agree upon is that acne is most often caused by hormonal imbalances. The body basically produces too many male hormones. This causes the oil glands of your skin to produce excessive amounts of oil, which in turn clogs you skin. This causes acne.

Most of the time though, dermatologists attempt to solve that problem by giving you medicines that artificially reduce the amount of male hormones that your body produces.

That is well and fine, but it’s really not attacking the root cause of the problem. Because while it’s true that the cause of the acne is a hormonal imbalance, the dermatologist should also ask himself: “what is the cause of the hormonal imbalance?”

One reason might be milk. You see, researchers have found that milk could very well be the reason for hormonal imbalances within your body. Almost all the milk that is being sold on the market today is being produced by cows that are pregnant. The body of the pregnant cow is very different from the body of a cow that is not pregnant. And it produces a very different kind of milk. The milk contains a lot of placenta derived progesterone. The substances that are contained within the milk of pregnant cows might very well be responsible for the excessive production of male hormones within the human body.

A 2005 study found that there seems to be a relation between how much dairy product girls take in and how bad they suffer from acne.

More than 100,000 female nurses were involved in that study, and they had to fill out a questionnaire in order to evaluate their intake of dairy products. What’s interesting is that whole milk actually seems to be less worse than skim milk when it comes to acne. So it’s not about the fact that is contained in the milk. One reason why whole milk might actually be less worse is because it contains estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone that reduces acne. However, even with whole milk the effects are negative when it comes to acne. That means only that seems to increase the problem is acne, just not as worse as skim milk.

So if you really want to do something about the hormonal imbalance that causes the acne on your skin, then you have to do something about your diet. And that is only one factor. Milk is an important source of calcium, and if you leave me out of your diet, you should make sure that you get enough calcium from other sources. In order to learn more about the different causes of acne, and what you can do in order to retain a healthy balance of hormones in the body and get rid of acne, simply claim your free copy of “Acne Away!” now.

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3 thoughts on “Milk And Acne”

  1. I used to have a serious acne problem,and I tried everything,even organic milk.Finally,after a while, I got so busy with other things too,that I would often skip breakfast and skip the milk.I also started eating oatmeal in the morning sometimes.So,after a while I noticed that my skin was looking better,and I realized that the only thing that changed in my diet was the milk and yogurt.I then stopped eating and drinking both milk and yogurt and my skin started clearing up within a few days.After about 2 weeks,my skin was almost completely clear,so I thought one chocolate milk won’t hurt.Wrong!

    A few days after that one carton of milk,my skin broke out,for the first time in two weeks.It was really hard for me to give it up,and I tried going back and forth with it,seeing if I could just handle a little,but I couldn’t.I stopped eating milk and yogurt completely,and I cut down on sugary foods a bit.

    Too my surprise,it worked.My skin cleared up COMPLETELY,and its still clear.Its sometimes hard for me to believe that avoiding milk and milk based products like yougurt could actually clear up my skin.I also use a milk soap on my face.I don’t use anything special to clean it.Its so nice to have clear skin now.I have dealt with acne for years and years.My self confidence is so much better now,and its wasier for me to talk to people face to face.I also met a new guy and we’re going out.I feel great now!

  2. Hi Ty,
    thanks a lot for sharing this, I’m so happy for you! Hope this will inspire others to try avoiding milk products for a couple of weeks too and see which effect it has on their skin.

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