Herbs For Acne

If you’re looking for herbs for acne, then this article will be well worth your time reading. You probably want to avoid the harsh chemical treatments and all the possible side effects that can come with pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics that many dermatologists and medical doctors like to prescribe for people who are suffering from acne.

I myself know several people who have used chemical acne treatments, and they actually worsened their acne condition dramatically, and that is why I am also no friend of harsh chemical treatments.

You probably heard already that acne is generally caused because your skin produces too much oil. Or more specifically, sebum, which is a substance that your body produces to keep your skin lubricated and healthy. But too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing, and that’s what’s happening when you are suffering from acne. Sebum can clog the pores of your skin, and that can cause bacterial infection which leads to acne.

Oftentimes this can appear when there are hormonal changes taking place in the body. That explains why so many teenagers are suffering from acne.

Herbs like aloe vera, tea tree oil, Calendula and others can be very effective.

When you use tea tree oil, it is important that you dilute it with water. In fact, it should be about 95 parts water, and only five parts tea trea oil. It’s a specific substance in tea tree oil that has been proven effective in scientific studies when it comes to fighting the acne causing bacteria – terpinen-4-ol.

There are different ways in which acne herbs work. Some herbs you apply on your skin, some herbs you take orally. The ones that you take orally can help by stimulating the cleansing process of human liver, and helping your body to effectively get rid of toxins and waste products. This way you take a lot of work away from the skin and allow it to regenerate. Another way that herbs can work is by suppressing the production of androgenic hormones. These hormones are often responsible for breakouts.

This quite a lot to learn about herbal cures for acne. For example, some herbs will get you fast results, but the acne will return also quite quickly.

Other herbs will work long-term, but taking them regularly might not be a good idea. For example, herbs that reduce the production of androgenic hormones shouldn’t be taken for a long time, because these hormones are important for a healthy sexual development.

It is true that herbal remedies for acne are generally a lot safer than prescription drugs, but even here you should be informed and make educated decisions. It’s also important that you understand the causes of your particular acne, what kind of skin you have.

You don’t have to become a dermatologist in order to fight your acne, but you should do a little bit of reading a relevant information. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of information, and there’s almost no way of telling which one is correct. Many publish opposing views. However, there is a step-by-step system that educates you about the causes of acne, helps you to recognize what kind of acne you suffering from and what the fastest and easiest way to eradicate that kind of acne will be for you.

I can understand that most people would probably just want to put some cream on their face and not think about acne again, but if you are really looking for a long-term solution for your acne problem then you should inform yourself and get it right from the start.

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