Curing Acne

Curing acne is possible if you use the right methods. Unfortunately, most people don’t do that. Insteadm they instead do what most people do: go to the store and buy some acne lotion or cream and hope that it will cure them. But it doesn’t. For 07% of the people who try, these creams and lotions and gels and cleansers don’t cure acne, but just provie a short-term, temporary relieve. That’s not too bad in and of itself, but what IS bad is that topical acne products often make the acne worse in the long run.

For example, many products help to remove excessive oil from your face. It is true that at first, when you remove excessive oil (or more precisely: subm) from your face, the pores of your skin will be “clearer”. But your skin NEEDS to have a certain amount of oil. So if you take away the oil, how do you think your body reacts? Your body decides that you don’t have enough oil. And thus, it gives the sebaceous glands of your skin orders to produce more subm. This perpetuates the excessivfe production of sebum which causes more clogging up of the pores in the long run. And as you probably are already aware – the more clogged up your pores are, the worse your acne gets.

This is just one examle of how complex our bodies are, and that sometimes the seemingly “obvious” things aren’t always the best one. I mean, genereally speaking, it makes perfect sense, right? Acne is a problem that appears on your skin – so it shoud be possible to cure it on your skin too. But what’s missing is that the cause of your acne can not be found on or inside of your skin. Acne is caused by hormonal imbalances that cause your sebaceous glands to grow bigger and produce more. Only when you can balance out the hormone levels in your body, can you really succeed in curing acne.

But that does not mean that I recommend you do hormonal acne treatments. Because the prescription drugs that have been developed for that simply aren’t preciuse enough, so there’s still a good margin of error. Instead, you want to find a way to help your body to use it’s natural mechanisms to restore healthy hormone levels. And you can do so by implmenting a few simple diet and lifestyle changes.  Even if you are already eating “healthy” and have a healthy lifestyle, there probably are things that you eat and things that you do, that cause your acne to worsen.

Just to give you an example – milk is known to be a very healthy food. So most people would assume that drinking milk is good for them. But if you have acne, drinking milk might be one of the worst things possi9ble, because studies have shown that milk causes acne to worsen. In several large-scale studies it was shown that people who drink the most milk suffer from acne the most often. And skimmed milk is even worse than whole milk in that regard.

I know of an American woman who relocated to London. After a short time, she developed a bad case of acne. She tried all kinds of things to stop her acne and get a clear skin again, but nothing seemed to work. Until one day she went to an alternative health practitioner who obviously had a clue what he was talking about – because he told her about the milk-acne link. The woman realized that she has been drinking a lot more milk because of the English habit of drinking tea with milk, and stopped doing so immediately. After just a couple of weeks, her acne virtually disappeared.

Just stopping to drink milk can help to reduce your acne in many cases. But if curing acne permanently is really what you want to do, then you will need a more systematic approach to stop acne. That’s why I recommend you get the free acne guide now.

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