Adult Acne Skin Care

In this article we will look at adult acne skin care, and how it differs from acne treatments for teenagers. Generally speaking, even with the advances of modern medical research doctors and dermatologists are still not sure what causes adult acne. They think that stress may play a major role in the development of adult acne.

Treating adult acne is not so different than treating teenage acne. The main difference according to dermatologists is that the treatments should be milder, less harsh. The reason for that is simply that in adults the skin isn’t able to re-moisture itself as quickly and as well as it can in this skin of a teenager.

But just as with teenage acne, when it comes to adult acne there really is no one solution that works for everybody. It is important to look at what exactly causes your acne. Maybe you will realize that certain foods can cause you to break out, maybe you realize that certain activities can cause you to break out. Some people regularly break out after they have been fighting with their spouse.

That is why when you have irregular breakouts, it’s worth looking back at the previous day, and checking if there has been anything out of the ordinary happening that might have caused distress, whether you have used any skin care products that you usually don’t use, have eaten any unusual foods, or have exposed your skin to substances with which they don’t usually come in contact with.

But it is important that you do not just use the same treatments that are being advertised for teenagers. As an adult, your skin is not nearly as elastic as the skin of a teenager. Using the same harsh treatments that teenagers use might cause your skin to be dry, irritated, and wrinkled.

Sometimes you might be tempted to use makeup to cover your acne. This is a bad idea. Even when you can effectively cover up the acne with makeup, you will also block the pores of your skin more heavily, and thus worsen your acne condition.

Dermatologists also sometimes prescribe oral antibiotics, but you should be careful with those. There are many possible side effects attached to using antibiotics on a regular basis.

That is why I always recommend using natural adult acne treatments. They are in general a lot safer to use, and many times they work just as effectively.

Even as an adult there can still be hormonal changes going on in your body. If you notice that you had lots of mood swings recently, then it might be an indicator of hormonal changes going on within your body. And any time when there are hormonal changes going on in your body, your liver first has to figure these changes out, and how to respond to it. In that process, it’s very easy for acne to appear on your screen.

Another form of adult acne skin care is using laser surgery, or photodynamic therapy.

I hope you found this introduction to adult acne skin care informational, useful and helpful.

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