Acne & Our Modern Diet

Most medical doctors will tell you that there is no relation between acne and diet. And while I respect every person who has gone through all the years of hard study it takes to become an M.D., it really upsets me how oblivious doctors remain to such an obvious fact. There are so many people who suffer from acne who can observe by themselves that when they eat more of certain foods that acne worsens, and when they eat less of them their acne condition improves.

So how come that doctors still claim that this is not true?

Maybe it has to do with the fact that huge pharmaceutical corporations are sponsoring many of the nation’s medical schools. Because these pharmaceutical corporations really have much moreinterest in selling drugs, lotions, creams, potions and treatment systems, than they have in advising you on lifestyle changes that you can do that will improve your health.

Think about it. If the big pharmaceutical Corporation will tell you: listen if you do this and this and this change in your diet, and you stick to it for three months, afterwards you will not have any acne. Do you have any idea how many hundreds of millions of dollars they would lose revenue every single year?

The truth is that these companies do not care about your health, they care about their bottom line. There are lots of people who work in these corporations scientists and medical experts who really try to find ways to better help people who suffer from skin conditions and health problems. But the system is set up in a way so that they focus their efforts only and treatment options that will benefit the pharmaceutical companies in the firplace, not the patients.

The thing is that most drugs are not meant to cure your acne. They are meant to treat the symptoms of the underlying health condition. As long as you only treat the symptoms, not the cause, you have to keep on treating the symptoms because the cause still persists. And if you have to keep on treating the symptoms, you have a need for constant supply of more medicines, more treatments. And that means basically never ending stream of revenue.

And it really shouldn’t be that difficult to understand. You see, the foods that you eat every day have an impact on your health. The foods that you eat every day can contain more or less toxic products. The foods that you eat every day can make it harder or easier for your body to get rid of toxic waste products. The foods that you eat every day can have an impact on the hormonal system. The foods that you eat every day can have an impact on all the regulatory mechanisms that go on in your body.

There have been studies conducted with native populations who still live in each the traditional way. They are not eating the highly processed foods that we in our modern societies eat. For example, there was a study done in Papua New Guinea that showed that the inhabitants of the island who  still life the old ways, simply did not have acne.

Another study with Indians who live in a remote jungle in eastern Paraguay also found that none of these Indians have acne.

Compare that to all modern world. In the USA, 80% of teenagers are affected by acne.

If you want to learn more about how our modern diets to move my sites can actually cause us to suffer from acne more badly, in fact, to have an 80% acne rates among teenagers (and 50% of all adult women suffering from adult acne repeatedly) when there is no acne at all among native populations who still eat the traditional ways, I highly suggest you sign up for the free mini course.

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