Acne Light Therapy

Perhaps the question I get asked most about acne light therapy is ‘is it safe to use?’ This is just one of the questions that will be answered in this article. We will also cover how acne light therapy works, without getting overly scientific, and for whom it might work and for whom probably not.

One thing that you have to understand is that acne light therapy will not work for everybody. Yes, it’s a very exciting and new scientific breakthrough when it comes to acne cures, but it’s not the magic bullet that will help the world to get over acne forever. Still, it is important that you realize that given the right conditions, acne light therapy might really help you to get a clear, bright, and acne free skin again

Acne light therapy uses a very specific light wavelength, that does not have any harmful rays that are known to be damaging to the skin and can lead to premature aging.

It works by supporting the body’s natural process to eradicate bacteria, and it’s completely painless.

There are only a few cases when acne light therapy should not be used. If you are pregnant, if you have open wounds, infected areas or open sores, if you suffer from epilepsy or are taking steroid injections of cortisone, then you should not use acne light therapy for your own safety.

Other than that, it’s probably one of the safest treatment methods for acne. It also does not result in dry or flaky skin, that can often come when you use acne cleansers or lotions. People of all ages, including children can use acne light therapy safely.

High-intensity lights with a wavelength range of 405nm to 420nm is what works best for mild to moderate acne.

Apart of its acne fighting properties, this kind of light also helps to rejuvenate the skin naturally and is becoming more and more popular for all kinds of skin treatments.

If you have been doing a bit of reading about acne, then you probably already read about a certain kind of bacteria that is called Propionobacterium Acnes (also known as P. acnes). What happens is that this specific light gets absorbed by these bacteria and free radicals are produced. Now, you probably know that free radicals are a bad thing , when they occur in these bacteriaa, they are a good thing, because it means that they killed the bacteria that cause acne. When you kill the bacteria that cause acne, your acne will disappear. And the skin will become bright and clear again.

One thing you have to be aware of though is that this is not to quick overnight cure. You’ll need to use it daily on a regular basis in order to get the best results and get rid of your acne long-term.

It’s actually pretty interesting how the scientists found out about this. About 40 years ago the NASA used specific light to cause plants to grow faster. They then found that they could use that kind of light also to speed up the healing process in outer space in zero gravity environments.

You have to understand that in zero gravity environment, cells usually grow very slow, but the special kind of like helps them to grow fast.

This caused the scientists to further research the effects that light can have on our bodies and our health, and finally led to the discovery of acne light therapy.

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