Acne And Washing Your Face

Acne is usually caused by things that happen inside of your body. But it’s also important that you realize that factors that are outside of your body also influence your acne condition.

So in order to effectively get rid of acne, you will have to go to the root causes on the inside of your body, but you also have to tackle the things that cause acne from the outside.

You see, when you do the things that help your body to clean itself from the inside out, at the same time you want to make sure that there are no pollutants that go to your skin from the outside in. Because if you have bad skin hygiene, then your skin would be much more “ready” to develop to acne.

That is why it’s important that you take care of your skin properly each and every day. But you should avoid using the popular cleansers that are available on the market that contain benzoyl peroxide. Because the thing with benzoyl peroxide is that yes, it works very effectively when it comes to cleansing your face, but it can also cause dryness and flaky skin, or even skin that peels off. On the other hand, if you simply use an gentle antibacterial and antiseptic natural soap like tea tree oil soap, that can really help with your acne condition.

Another thing that you should do is not just to change your face, but also to steam. And the way you do that is if you simply use lukewarm water to get so wet, and then you massage the soap into your skin with your fingertips. Then you simply wash your face with water clean and use a towel to dry your skin. If you have a very oily skin and very large skin pores, then you want to use a soap like Neutrogena to help you get rid of the excess oil. Don’t use cleansers that contain alcohol to clean your skin. Another thing that you can do is to use an egg white mask. They work really great. I know it’s not the most tempting idea to put egg whites on your face, but they work really well. (I share some great acne face mask recipes in Acne Away –

If on the other hand you have dry skin, and one thing that you want to do is drink a lot of water. This helps to hydrate your skin from the inside out. There’s also treating dry skin from the outside in, for example aloe vera gel is very effective when it comes to moisturizing your skin and can really help to minimize the dryness. One thing that’s important about washing your face is that you don’t overdo it. Cause if you overdo it, then you can actually cause your skin to produce more oil because you’re constantly removing the protective layer from the skin, and thus your skin has to produce more oil in order to remake the oil layer. It can also increase the redness and inflammation of the skin.

So in general, washing your face is a good thing. But as is so often the case: too much of a good thing can be bad.

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